Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Meet the team: Donna Eaves

Donna is our regular photographer and has taken so many of our favourite photos on the site. Give her a beautiful collection of objects, some decent day light, a quirky prop or two, and she's away. We love Donna and what she has brought to lasso the moon.

Favourite possession? I have an album I made when my daughter was born which has some beautiful black & white pictures and my wedding album which is more like a scrapbook/journal. The wonderful comments in it from our friends & family and the remnants of confetti totally take me back.

Favourite LTM piece? Caroline Green's heart tealights. I absolutely love porcelain and all things ceramic. These are just beautiful. I want some!

Most annoying habit? Can I change this to: most annoying personality trait? Stubborn as a mule!

Most likely to say when things go wrong? Think of some swear words. String them all together. Repeat as necessary.

Which of your LTM shots is your favourite? Vintage Magpie's bunnies! We shot this in my daughter's bedroom. It was the last shot of the day and the light was fading fast. We'd painstakingly position them perfectly together, turn our backs for one second and they'd invariably have nose-dived into each other. Cue mild hysteria followed by lots of swearing! See above.

Most useful tip for taking successful product photography? My most useful tip would be: look at your product from all angles before you even put a camera on it and above all else, keep it simple. Less is definitely more!

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