Thursday, 18 March 2010

meet the team: Laura

Laura Dunkley is the founder of lasso the moon and also the bossiest
This was such a happy day. I was in Venice with my husband, Matt, who was conducting a concert of AR Rahmann music. Gorgeous hotel (The Bauer Palladio and Spa), lovely music, wonderful concert (beside the water in a candle-lit, crystal-filled venue next door to The Cipriani hosted by Swarovski). I even came home with a beautifully sparkly Swarovski pen!
Most annoying habit: listening in to other people's conversations and yet failing to listen when something complicated (and probably numbers based) is being explained to me.
All time favourite possession: a Tiffany necklace my husband Matt bought me with three hearts on it - representing him and our two little boys.
Favourite LTM item: It's always changing but at the moment I'm really in love with Nicola Fraser's vintage fabric bunnies. Their faces just make you want to pick them up and give them a hug.
Most likely thing to say when things go wrong: Don't look down!

meet the team: Emma

Lovely Emma Keast is responsible for all the paperwork and payments. She's the one who keeps us all organized.
Most likely thing to say when things go wrong: 'Can someone please get me a chocolate biscuit?'
Most annoying habit: 'swearing under my breath when I'm entering the accounts into Sage and I make a mistake.'
Favourite LTM item? 'Emma Benson's Ellie ring. I had been hoping for it for Christmas but no luck. If any of my friends or family are reading this...'
All-time favourite possession: 'it has to be the cashmere bed socks I bought myself for Christmas. Their softness around my feet at the end of the day is a real stress-buster.'

perks of the job

These were left over from a photo shoot and so beautiful that we wanted to photograph before they started wilting. We get through a lot of flowers at lasso the moon which means we normally have blossoms and blooms around us as we work. One of the perks of the job I guess. We think it actually does help us to work better

today we are...

loving the sunshine. We have the office door open so we can hear the birds and let the sunshine in. We're all looking forward to warm summer air... fresh salads, cold white wine drunk outside in gardens that are light until 10, with that lovely herby smell you get after a warm sunny day. Meantime, that draft is getting a bit chilly. Someone put the kettle on so we can warm up with a cup of tea.

a few of our favourite things…

Laura's tiny old wooden clogs.
'I remember playing with these as a little girl at my grandmother’s house. When she died a few years ago, and my dad asked if there was anything I would like to have to remind me of her, it had to be these because of the memories attached to them. Every day when I dry my hair and see them sitting on my dressing table I get a wave of nostalgia. Whenever you dropped in she'd always have something a bit special and delicious in the biscuit tin.'