Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Twinkle, twinkle!

Above: our first raspberry and white chocolate muffins of the day eaten, Donna is getting set up for the first shot. Our shoot days are fun but very intense as Donna and I are both total perfectionists. Individual fairy lights in the background were positioned one by one to get the twinkle EXACTLY where we wanted it! And to get the positioning of the Dorothy neclace's tiny red shoes and the glass 'no place like home' message just right needed Donna's steady hand and limitless patience!

Above: the bracelet needed moving ever so slightly so that the individual silver leaves could be seen at their very best. The question now is... second vintage deer in middle of the shot or not...? The finished version below has him peering out proudly! You wouldn't know that we'd had to glue his legs back on because, just as I was explaining to Donna how delicate this particularly wonderful vintage find was, she fumbled and dropped him on to a slate floor. It's normally me who's accident prone on shoots whilst Donna is the calm, methodical one and I couldn't resist mentioning the poor maimed deer at every opportunity!

What do you think? We were really happy with the final shots we ended up with.
Don't look too closely at the deer's back legs though...

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